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It has been demonstrated, in many ways, that sickness can ONLY exist in an oxygen depleted environment. Parasites, bacteria and viruses thrive within an oxygen deprived environment.Increase the amount of oxygen and detrimental microorganisms die out, simply unable to live.

Think of a rapidly flowingmountain stream. It can be really clean, clear and vital- it will be oxygen rich. So, think about how still a pond is. It will be oxygen deficient and stagnant, loaded with bacteria, bugs and algae. It is not different to your body. The cells and organs of your body will operate well with a elevated level of oxygen circulating through it. Also, the oppositeis true. Your body will breakdown and disease when it lacks the appropriate amount of oxygen, attacked by microorganisms and foreign invaders that would not be found in a healthy body.

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Here are a few things The One Minute Cure will discuss:

1. Learn the remarkable, scientifically verified natural treatment that creates an environment in the body where cancer and other conditions can't flourish - and allows the body to restore itself of disease;

2. Find out why health practitioners describe this curative process "the world's greatest healing miracle of all time" that may render radiation, all cancer drugs, chemotherapy and other cancer treatments obsolete; and...

3. Find out how approximately 15,000 European medical doctors, naturopaths and homeopaths gave, to in excess of 10 million patients in the past 70 years, this harmless, economical and potent curative process that commonly and successfully treated cancer and many other diseases and how you may make use of it, also

In my opinion, I have utterly no doubt that disease is a rip-off, and the profiteers are the "big boys": the pharmaceutical industry, many other multi-national corporations, major media, and even the government. There is a great deal more money involved in illness than there is wellness. I believe many of you, like me, may have known this for quite some time.

A description of Cancer and the Swine Flu is included in The One Minute Cure. A simple and natural answer to both and numerous other awful diseases is given. You are not told, on their site or in their video clips, that the remedy, explained and described in their book, is Oxygen Therapy.

Oxygen Therapy (or Bio-Oxidative Therapy), in a variety of forms, has been available for in excess of a hundred years (at least). H2O2 or O3, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone respectively, may be obtained by just about anyone and administered in your own home, with a little caution. Hydrogen Peroxide is basically water (H2O) having an additional Oxygen atom. Ozone is 3 Oxygen atoms in a single molecule; it converts to H2O2 in the body.

Ozone or Oxygen Therapy is this straightforward: Ozone and/or Hydrogen Peroxide with correct administration provides the body a high-dose of Oxygen that eliminates diseased cells and revitalizes normal ones. Perfect, isn't it?!

Introduce H2O2 and/or O3 into the body and the rest is completed by your system.Our bodies move oxygen through it swiftlyand efficiently It works effortlessly for a lot of reasons: the body needs it to thrive and stay alive. Essentially, our body will naturally and efficiently circulate oxygen to clean out, repair and strengthen itself.

The One Minute Cure delivers a completely comprehensive and concise road map on the way to deal with almost any illness with Oxygen Therapy, that is often administered personally, at home, and for pennies.

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